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Strategic Value Enhancement Consulting (SVEC) SM

It is often difficult to see the big picture in today’s hectic and competitive business environment.  With SP&H’s Strategic Value Enhancement Consulting, clients get the trusted analysis we have built our reputation on as well as twenty years of experience working with companies to improve and define performance.

SP&H is a Strategic Partner in Defining Value

SP&H’s valuation consulting services provide a tool for a company’s strategic planning, whether it is poised to expand or desires to strengthen its market position.  Our consultants help identify and refine growth strategies, uncover risk factors, and ascertain opportunities in new or current markets.  SP&H can also aid finding partnerships, merger opportunities or potential acquisition candidates.

Competition Studies

Sun-Tzu said; "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."  This old proverb defines the importance of having a clear understanding of competitors faced in the marketplace, and also identifying any synergies from which a business might benefit.  SP&H has the experience and ability to provide superior analysis of a company’s corporate data to uncover opportunity and identify potential risks.

Product Offerings

  • Market expansion or entering new markets
  • Purchase of distributors for supply chain scale
  • Strategic purchases of competitors
  • Analysis of customer base for new offerings
  • Strategic product mix

Corporate Value

  • Uncover and protect potential unidentified intellectual property for both products and processes
  • Sourcing and supply chain efficiencies
  • Define workplace value in trained and skilled staff