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Fairness Opinions

To make conclusive and informed decisions about the terms of mergers, acquisitions, buybacks, or privatizations, a fairness opinion by a reputable, independent financial advisor is necessary.

Clear, Independent Opinions

We do not have conflicts of interest in any transaction when retained to issue a fairness opinion.  At SP&H, we ensure that we do not have a contemplated interest in the outcome of any transaction in which our firm issues an opinion.

Our fees are not contingent on the close of the transaction and we have no further financial interest.  Further, SP&H can certify that we have no interest in trying to sell any other products to any of the parties in a transaction.  We base our opinions on the facts and circumstances of the transaction.  SP&H is uninfluenced by peripheral or ancillary non-deal considerations such as contingency fees or pre-deal/post-deal services to any of the parties to the transaction, company executives or board members.

  • Help board members satisfy corporate fiduciary duties
  • Offered stock price analysis
  • Strengthen legal positions with market research
  • Inform board decisions
  • Fact-based analysis clarifies difficult operational decisions