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Competition Studies

Back in the early days of baseball, vendors used to call outside the stadium; "You can’t tell the players without a scorecard."  While this may not happen anymore, the statement still rings true.  In a rapidly changing marketplace, knowing the players on the field is of prime importance.  Technological shifts have caused sweeping changes in many industries.  As markets evolve, develop and recede having prescient knowledge of regulation, best practices, and policy are key to understanding the future of your industry.  SP&H has worked extensively with every major industry and has the track record, quality research, and evaluative tools to provide our clients with an adaptable blueprint for the future.

  • Reports that communicate industry imperatives to stakeholders
  • Impact Assessment of policy and regulation changes
  • Defining Relevant Markets
  • Dominance Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • IP, Patent, and potential litigation issues
  • Expert Witness and Litigation Support for Price Fixing, Antitrust, claims, and anti-competitive behavior