Business Valuations ∴ Marital Dissolution

"Sanli Pastore & Hill's appraisals of two family owned industrial businesses were overwhelmingly persuasive in an intensely litigated dissolution of marriage proceeding.  Those appraisals became the cornerstone of the case and resulted in a settlement in excess of twice the prior offers of the opposing party and appraisers."

— Mr. Clemens, Attorney at Law, Jaffe & Clemens

Valuations Relating To Marital Dissolution

In difficult times, SP&H provides the documented analysis and valuations needed to resolve valuation disputes in marital dissolutions.

Quality Litigation Support in Highly Evaluated Situations

SP&H team members have been named as expert witnesses in over 1,000 court proceedings and our experts have testified over 120 times in trial and over 500 times in deposition.

Business Valuations for Marital Dissolutions

  • How much is the business worth?
  • Do the financial statements contain personal income/expenses?
  • Do the financial statements accurately present the business' income?
  • Is a buyout of one partner economically feasible at the stated value?

Child Support & Spousal Support Calculations

SP&H provides analysis of income for child support and/or spousal support calculations.

  • What is the expected future income for each party?
  • How much of that income is available for support?
  • What will the approximate support payments be?