Business Valuations ∴ Financial Reporting - ASC 805/350

Changes in Accounting Standards

The Financial Accounting Standards Board ("FASB") Accounting Standards Codification 805 and 350 (formerly SFAS 141 and 142) has created a growing need for independent expert valuation services for specific intellectual property valuations and impairment testing.

A Business Climate of Increased Scrutiny

SP&H provides businesses with cost-effective and well-supported valuation conclusions.  With extensive experience and expertise in valuing goodwill and intellectual property under intense third-party scrutiny, SP&H provides the highest quality independent valuation services.

Goodwill Impairment

A goodwill impairment test involves a valuation at a "reporting unit" level.  The resulting fair value of the reporting unit is compared to its carrying value on the company's balance sheet to determine if goodwill impairment exists.  If impairment exists, an allocation of value to the reporting unit’s various tangible assets, intangible assets, and residual goodwill is required.