Seminars ∴ Goodwill Loss Seminars

"Thank you again for an excellent presentation at the seminar on Valuation for an Equity Raise or Sale of a Business.  Your presentations over the past years at the Los Angeles Venture Association seminars have provided valuable guidance for the business community on determining valuation and improving valuation for raising capital and selling the business."
—Mr. Donahue, Conference Chairman

SP&H Goodwill Loss Introductory Course Structure

Approved for MCLE Credits – Full and half-day

Locations:  Los Angeles and Sacramento, CA

Goodwill Loss "Introductory" Seminar Topics

  • Basic business valuation theory with an emphasis on goodwill
  • Eminent domain law governing goodwill loss compensation in California
  • Review of real estate and equipment appraisals
  • Data needed for goodwill loss appraisals
  • Estimating potential liability for loss of goodwill compensation
  • Introduction to business valuation standards
  • Partial takings
  • Relocation and duplication of benefits

Goodwill Loss "Advanced" Seminar Topics

  • Analysis of franchises, chains and multiple locations
  • Discounted cash flow analysis
  • Special-use properties: motels, self-storage, agriculture, billboards
  • Advanced topics in inverse condemnation and identifying potential claims
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Mitigation and entitlement; evaluating reasonable relocation efforts