Seminars ∴ SP&H Custom Seminars

"Thank you for helping to make the UCLA Entrepreneurial Capital Conference the most successful in its 6 year history.  A few people told me that your talk was the highlight of the day.  I particularly liked your examples of uncovering value in companies where even management is not aware of some of the true assets."
—Mr. Peter Cowen, President

SP&H Advanced and Custom Seminar Topics

  • Goodwill Loss Valuation in Eminent Domain
  • Mitigation and Relocation Efforts in Eminent Domain
  • Inverse Condemnation in Eminent Domain
  • Valuation for Equity Financings
  • Selected Valuation Issues for Estate and Gift Taxation
  • Buy, Build and Sell; Lessons From the Field
  • Valuing Stock Option Plans
  • Structuring Successful Public / Private Partnerships
  • Use of Business Valuation Experts in Marital Dissolution
  • Current Developments in Business Valuation
  • Business Valuations for Estate and Gift Tax
  • Use of Business Valuation Experts in Litigation
  • Use of Business Valuations in Estate Planning
  • Lost Profits
  • Economic Damages