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School District Settles for 900% of the Damages Determined by the District’s Own Expert

Case Background

SP&H was retained by a Fortune 100 Bank to determine the damages caused by a school district’s (the “District”) taking of a very profitable branch and the subsequent forced relocation of the branch to a less desirable and much smaller location.

SP&H conducted extensive demographic, economic, capacity, and operational analyses to isolate the larger impact of the relocation of the branch from the lesser impact of the economic recession.

Conversely, the District’s expert ignored location specific factors and attributed the majority of the damages to the overall economy. Moreover, the District’s expert incorrectly applied several valuation methods, and disregarded key factors such as substantial additional costs of doing business at the relocation site. He opined to damages of $600,000 for a branch generating over $2.5 Million in annual profits.

SP&H presented $15 Million in damages.

Case Study – PDF – 134k

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