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Choosing the Right Appraiser, Right of Way Magazine

Right of way professionals often require the assistance of business appraisers when planning and implementing acquisitions of properties where businesses are located. Often times, acquisitions require the use of eminent domain, in which litigation…

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Redevelopment Agencies; Preliminary Goodwill Loss Analysis Can Save Time and Money

This article presents examples to illustrate how Agencies may improve budget management by retaining an experienced goodwill appraiser early in the process. However, applicability and results may vary…

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Settling Goodwill Loss Claims Before Trial: Prevent Costly Litigation & Uncertain Outcomes

by: Forrest A. Vickery, ASA — This article presents examples to illustrate how redevelopment agencies and business owners may avoid costly litigation by settling goodwill issues before trial. However, applicability and…

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Qualifying an Expert Witness

by: William Weinberger — Unless an attorney pays careful attention (1) to the necessary steps to qualify an expert witness and his/her testimony for presentation to the jury and (2) to extracting the expert testimony in…

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Another Resounding Victory for Cities, Redevelopment Agencies & Other Condemning Entities

In the previous issue of Valorem Principia, two examples were presented to demonstrate how a redevelopment agency ("Agency") may save time and money by hiring a qualified, experienced goodwill appraiser early in the process to advise on…

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Court of Appeal Determines Entitlement to Compensation Must be Decided by Judge, Not Jury

Forrest A. Vickery, Manager – Sanli Pastore & Hill, Inc. Thomas A. Douvan and Kevin D. Siegel – McDonough, Holland & Allen — Since the 1980’s, the Emeryville Redevelopment Agency had plans to redevelop an area of vacant and existing industrial properties as a mixture of retail, housing, hotel and entertainment uses. After purchasing several sites in the project area…

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