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SP&H Client Testimonials

SP&H's commitment to quality beyond expectations is evidenced in the satisfaction of our clients.  Below are selected testimonials from some of our clients.

Goodwill Loss & Litigation

"Your firm is professional, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable.  Your help in discovery and trial preparation was invaluable."
- Ms. Dennis, Attorney at Law
"Your presentation was so intimidating that there was no substantive cross-examination on your opinions."
- Mr. Thorsnes, Attorney at Law
"On behalf of my firm, I would like to thank you and everyone at Sanli Pastore & Hill, Inc., for the tremendous effort and work they performed on the Smith Hemion Productions Inc. v. Michael Jackson, et al. case.  Tom Pastore's presentation and analysis was extremely detailed, and presented in a manner such that a lay person could easily understand the complex nature involved in trying a case of alter ego liability.  In fact, following the initial trial, many jurors commented that Mr. Pastore's analysis helped them determine the initial finding of liability against the individual Jacksons.  It goes without saying that the charts Mr. Pastore prepared to present the evidence to the jury were critical in reaching the jury's result.  Your staff also provided excellent assistance to us in this case and was always responsive to our needs.  I will always recommend Sanli Pastore & Hill, Inc., to my professional colleagues."
- Mr. Briggs, Attorney at Law
"I want to thank you again for the outstanding services provided to the City of Hawaiian Gardens Redevelopment Agency by you and your staff.  The inverse condemnation action brought against the Agency by Bi-Rite Meat & Provisions Co., Inc. involved a unique one-of-a-kind business valuation issue with extraordinary complexity.  Yet, despite the problems, you and your staff provided high quality research and a comprehensive analysis of the valuation problem."
"With all of the ammunition provided by your research and analysis, it was a pure joy to watch you testify before the jury as an expert witness.  Your trial testimony unfolded exactly as we had prepared and anticipated.  Your ability to present intricate valuation issues with simple, easily understood examples was the key to our success with the jury.  You left the jury with the confidence to explicitly trust your analysis and disregard the unreasonably high valuation given by the opposing expert.  The resulting jury verdict set a value that was $1.7 million less than Bi-Rite demanded...  an outstanding and ultimately fair result!"
- Mr. Anderson, Attorney at Law
"I just wanted to thank you for your professional support in the People v. Robert W. Blois, et al. case.  Although you did not have the opportunity to testify in trial, your preparation and assistance were very instrumental in arriving at a favorable settlement of this case.  Your responsiveness, and that of your partner Tom Pastore, was both helpful and professional.  The report you prepared was excellently done, as were your court exhibits, and you were always prepared to testify if needed."
"I hope that I will have the opportunity to work with you in the future on other matters, and I will certainly recommend you and your firm to any of my colleagues with a goodwill or other business valuation problem."
- Ms. Morgan, Attorney at Law
"...A long and costly corporate dissolution lawsuit was settled out of court thanks to the hard, in-depth testimony of Sanli Pastore & Hill, Inc."
- Mr. Paugh, Business Owner
"The demonstrative exhibits which Sanli Pastore & Hill, Inc., prepared were easy to understand and clearly supported your testimony and opinions.  As always, the level of professionalism, which you exhibited on the witness stand, in this case was unmatched.  Thanks again for a job well done."
- Mr. Springer, Attorney at Law

Marital Dissolution

"Sanli Pastore & Hill's appraisals of two family owned industrial businesses were overwhelmingly persuasive in an intensely litigated dissolution of marriage proceeding.  Those appraisals became the cornerstone of the case and resulted in a settlement in excess of twice the prior offers of the opposing party and appraisers.  Thank you for the outstanding work product and thank you for the caring attention of your people."
- Mr. Clemens, Attorney at Law, Jaffe & Clemens


"Sanli Pastore & Hill, Inc., has prepared our company's ESOP business valuation since 1997.  I have personally worked with Nevin Sanli and Forrest Vickery who have always provided us with professional and timely service.  But more than just providing service, they care about our business and the service they provide, creating a valued relationship."
- Mr. Paugh, Business Owner

Business Valuation & Advisory

"This is just a short note to thank you and your staff for the great job that they did putting together my business valuation/projection.  Everyone in your office was so friendly, professional, and supportive of me during this transformation time."
- Ms. Bentree, Owner of
Entertainment Production Company
"SP&H provided highly responsive customized service, under a tight timeline, at a good price.  Now that's value-added!"
- President of a Management Consulting &
Strategic Planning Firm


"Thank you for helping to make the UCLA Entrepreneurial Capital Conference the most successful in its 6 year history."
"Nevin, your presentation was terrific.  A few people told me that your talk was the highlight of the day.  I particularly liked your examples of uncovering value in companies where even management is not aware of some of the true assets."
- Mr. Cowen, President
"Your grasp of the material and its complexities is encyclopedic and your ability to respond to the audience questions from all angles with smooth progress was excellent."
- F.A. Dedona, Nortel
"Thank you again for an excellent presentation at the seminar on Valuation for an Equity Raise or Sale of a Business.  Your presentations over the past years at the Los Angeles Venture Association seminars have provided valuable guidance for the business community on determining valuation and improving valuation for raising capital and selling the business."
- Mr. Donahue, Conference Chairman
"The experience and careful analysis performed by respondents’ expert Sanli is far more worthy of confidence, and is accepted by the arbitrator.  Exhibit 700 is a model of clarity for the presentation of an expert’s opinion."
- Arbitration Judge (Ret.), excerpt from
Arbitration Award, May 25, 2006
"Sanli Pastore & Hill did an excellent job for us.  The work product was high quality and met our professional needs in every way.  We would not hesitate to recommend your firm to others."
- Skip Farber, Chief Executive Officer
WSA Global Holdings, LLC
Fairness Opinion for Acquisition
"The arbitrator finds the expert opinions of Sanli were founded on solid business appraisal experience, and supported by tangible evidence with a substantial and sufficient factual basis rather than by mere speculation and hypothetical situations."
- Arbitration Judge (Ret.), excerpt from
Arbitration Award, July 2007