Company ∴ SP&H Background

Business Rewards Hard Work

In 1992, Nevin Sanli, Thomas Pastore and Clinton Hill founded SP&H based on the idea that business rewards hard work.  The founders knew from experience that they could offer research that is more robust and generate results by being exceedingly thorough, digging deeper, and having higher standards.  A tenacious approach to business valuations has led to rapid growth and industry recognition.


Since inception, the company has advanced from three founding partners to a solid bench of experts.  SP&H is the largest specialty firm for transactional and litigation valuations on the West Coast.

Proven Track Record

SP&H has performed thousands of valuations which have been used as the cornerstone in transactions and litigation by business owners and their trusted advisors.  Working with a diversified client base of private companies, public companies, government agencies, accounting firms, and law firms, SP&H has a stellar performance record in solving complex problems quickly with well-supported data and superior analysis.

Intellectual Property and New Technologies Need Forward-Thinking Valuation Analysis

Intellectual property and new technologies are critical to the valuation of most companies.  Every year brings forth new and increasingly unique technologies.  Companies need an experienced firm that has dealt with developing technologies and intellectual property.  SP&H has two decades of experience valuing high technology companies as well as patents, copyrights and brands.

Dedicated to Industry Education

Beyond our client-focused approach, SP&H continues to be a leader in educating companies and personnel on best practices in the valuation industry.  We have taken an authoritative position by providing seminars, lectures and resources for executives, attorneys, CPAs and government officials.  Access our Knowledge Bank here.