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The SP&H Approach

At SP&H, our approach reflects our extensive experience.

Urgent Business Situations Require Strong Advisors

Whether the issue at hand is an intellectual property dispute, shareholder interest valuation for litigation, or a fairness opinion—pressing business situations need strong advisors.  At SP&H, we understand the client’s needs, and we consult with our clients and their other advisors throughout all phases of the engagement.

Full Portfolio of Services

Over the past two decades, SP&H has been the key advisor major corporations and government agencies turn to and trust.  With this in mind, we tailor our full portfolio of services to our clients’ needs.  We believe in creating custom solutions for our clients because we understand that every transaction or dispute has its own unique requirements.

Clarity is Key

While the data may be clear-cut, we have found that often the message is not.

Our firm specializes in expert communication of complex findings.  We strive to make sure that the data, research and analysis we provide clearly communicates to key constituents.